Taberna dos Anoes Hidromel – Reserva De Odin (14%)

Hidromel means mead in portugal, so it’s honey wine made by honey, water, some herbs and yeast. It’s traditional alcohol drink which can also be completed in nature by itself, if there are flower honey, water and enough warm temperature. During the age of Vikings honey wine was popular and it was generally made in europe until was done marginalized by grape wine and beer. Anyway it is still done here and there, in Lithuania it is a national alcohol and there are many producers.

Taberna dos Anoes is Brazilian craft manufacturer, which produce mead on handicraft traditional methods. It’s basically fermented honey water (by wine yeast), added some herbs, matured, filtered and bottled. There are not any alc% on the bottle, but I assume it is somewhere 14% or so. It is quite popular drink in some areas of Brazil and also youngsters drink it mixed with coca-cola. Price for 75cl bottle ~10$. 

It have quite original, sweet aroma which have some honey and hint of vinegar. Taste is slightly sweet, but not sweet as can expect honey wine to be. There are some spiciness, but I can’t separate any particular herbs. Taste is smooth and well balanced, there is not alcohol burn at all. It’s very original drink which needs some time to get used to. Suits for aperative or desert with cheeses.


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