Campari Bitter (25%)

Campari is a well-known Italian bitter-aperitif. It’s famous for its red colour, which was originally done by carmine colour. The known ingredients of Campari are only two, alcohol and water, otherwise the recipe is secret, known only by three people. Anyway there are different herbs, roots and infused fruits being used. Different ingredients are believed to be between 20 to 80.

Campari was invented by Caspar Campari at 1860. Caspar was born at 1828, he started working as a waitress as a 14-years old teenager. Later he started own bar, which became so popular he decided to open another one, Bar Campari, in the center of Milano. On the basement of own restaurant Gaspar mixed different drinks. Finally he founded a bitter which he was fully satisfied. Later this bitter was named after the family name.

The first factory which produces Campari was built in Milano in 1904. Gaspar’s son, Davide Campari started exporting the product. Nowadays it’s sold in 190 countries. Gruppo Campari is the fifth biggest alcohol producer and owns loads of other trademarks like Aperol, Appleton Estate, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Bulldog, Wild Turkey.

Campari is drinked neat as aperative, mixed with soda and/or orange juice. It is also the usual component of many classic cocktails like Negroni or Americano. 100cl bottle price is around 16€ 

Campari is a king of bitters, whose position is difficult to displace. Aroma is balanced, it’s bitter, sweet and slightly herbal. Taste is mellow and the mouthfeel is thick. It’s sweet in the beginning, then bitterness takes over the mouth and stays for a long time. Sweetness and bitterness are very well balanced. It might be too bitter for many when drunk neat, but with orange juice it’s pleasantly bitter with herbal nuances. Very balanced and high quality product.


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