Remedia Amore Amaretto (21%)

Remedia is an Estonian distillery that has been featured on this blog several times. In addition to several different berry and fruit liqueurs, they also have an amaretto liqueur called Amore. It is sold only in 20 cl bottles in supermarkets for about € 3.50. The company does not provide any information about Amore, not even on their own website. Remedia is currently owned by Amber Distribution in Latvia, which has a product on its website, but nothing has been told about it other than the picture. Considering the price of the product, it is very likely that benzaldehyde has been used to make the liqueur, together with sugar, rectified spirit and water. The traditional process for Amaretto, where dissolving apricot stones is too expensive and time consuming.

The color is pale brown, the nose is sweet and almondy. However, the light essential nuance is in the background. The taste is light and sweet. The almond and slightly chocolate flavor is predominant. The sugar level is quite good, but there is almost no familiar bitterness at all. The taste is very short and when it evaporates, there is nothing left over from the aftertaste. Amore Amaretto is an easy-to-drink, light and suitably sweet amaretto. It is okay with a small one glass, but after that the slightly chemical taste starts to irritate. It is best sipped neat, the taste is too light to make a good cocktail.


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