Remedia Crystal Cranberry (37.50%)

Crystal Vodka is a trademark of Estonian alcohol producer Remedia Distillery. It’s made on imported rectified spirit, made from wheat.  Like usual in Estonia, most of the vodka producers have also flavored versions, of which cranberry is one of the most popular. Remedia was bought in 2019 by Latvian Amber Distribution and Crystal Vodka flavored spirits are nowadays pulled off the sale. It looks like Amber distribution already has enough different vodkas so they did not need this rather unknown brand anymore. But Crystal Vodka products can still be found in some Estonian food stores. 50 cl bottle is about 9€. 

There is no cranberry in the smell except for a slight berry nuance, the rather pungent ethanol scent is more strongly present. The taste is a little sweet at first, followed by the aroma of ethanol and something a little berry aroma which I can’t say if it comes from cranberry or lingonberry. The aftertaste already has a slightly cranberry-like aroma, but overall the taste is very thin. The faint aroma made me doubt whether cranberry juice was used at all, or if it just dyed red and a little cranberry essence was added. Remedia vodkas are generally very cheap and have a characteristic pungent ethanol flavor. The cranberry spice has managed to hide it up a bit, but the nasty ethanol taste is still too strong on it. 


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