Viru Valge Rukkilille (40%)

Viru Valge is the most well known Estonian vodka, the flagship product of its producer Liviko together with Vana Tallinn. Cornflower flavored special vodka was released in honor of Estonia’s 100th anniversary in 2017. High-quality rectified spirit distilled in Latvia has been used for its production. The aroma of corn flower has been distilled separately by pot distillation. The flower petals are in the aroma basket in the pot and they give their own aroma to the distillate when the ethanol evaporates. Rectified spirit and corn flower distillate are mixed and diluted to 40% strength. A 50 cl bottle costs €9.

In the nose, the familiar light ethanol stench comes to the fore. There is practically no difference in the smell compared to traditional Viru Valge. With a good imagination, you might find some slightly floral aromas. The taste is soft and slightly sweet. There is maybe a little floral aroma in the background, but it doesn’t really stand out. If you compare the product to pure vodka, it is perhaps a little sweeter and slightly more aromatic. The question is if it’s worth paying a couple of euros more compared to the traditional Viru Valge. It’s more about a marketing gimmick than a product that would bring some new life to the vodka market. Viru Valge Rukkilill is a good example of a flavored liquor that practically has no flavor. The aroma of the corn flower is just too thin. In itself, it’s a decent vodka, soft and sweet, but it doesn’t live up to expectations.


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