Remedia Almond Liqueur (18%)

Remedia is an Estonian company specialized to produce cheap alcohols and liqueurs to supermarkets. Almond liqueur was just 3.99€ for a 50cl plastic bottle. 

There is a certain almond aroma, but the taste is light, sugary and almond aroma is weaker than on the nose. It’s a very light and straightforward liqueur. Reminds a bit of Amarettos, but the taste is much lighter and it does not have the bitter almond flavour which is typical for amarettos. Likely it is blended from rectified spirit, sugar, water and flavourings. It’s rather tasteless and boring, and do not have kick enough to give cocktails any special flavour. Easy to sip however.  It’s typical Remedia product, very cheap so the quality is in line with that. 


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