Amarula Marula Fruit Cream Liqueur (17%)

Amarula is made by Marula fruit, which grow wild only in Africa. The fruit of marula is distilled and matured 2 years in oak casks, then mixed with cream and other stuff and bottled. It have been developed at 1983 by Distell, biggest alcohol company in Africa. Amarula is secondly biggest cream liquer brand in the world.
Purchace price for 50cl bottle 7.99€ (Comarket, Estonia)

Aroma is a bit sour, like in yoghurt, not so creamy than Irish cream liqueurs. Taste is milky, mouthfeel soft and silky. Marula fruit is hardly recognizable, of course I can’t tell how the fruit taste, but I do not find any special fruit taste here. Texture is more milky than creamy. Aftertaste is soft and sweet but very short. It looks what bigger the production and sales number are going, that less marula aroma there can be. Of course this is a normal development in every business. It’s not a bad liqueur, but anyway Amarula is a bit lame compared to Bailey’s.


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