Dooley’s Espresso Cream Liqueur (17%)

Dooley’s is world famous cream liqueur made by German Behm company. At 2014 the company launch bunch of other flavours and Espresso cream is one of them. It is blend of Dutch cream, German spirit and Italian espresso. Nowadays it’s production has ceased already, but there are still some bottles available on the market.

Aroma is creamy, fruity with hint of caramel. Taste is cream, caramel… but where is the coffee?? As a espresso cream liqueur I would expect strong coffee flavour but here is nothing of it. Just on the aftertaste there comes a tiny hint of coffee nuances. It’s not as sweet as the original Dooley’s, there is some sour bitterness, typical for coffee, but the coffee taste itself is missing. Here where Dooley’s is delicious combination of toffee, cream and sweet caramel, Dooley’s Espresso is just cream with some fruity tones, brown sugar and slight bitterness. It’s not totally bad but it comes quickly boring and reminds typical cheap creamish liqueur. As for Dooley’s is the same than many other cream liqueurs, original is the best and the other flavours are always weaker. 


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