Pisang Ambon (20%)

Pisang Ambon is fruit liqueur produced by Dutch company Lucas Bols. It’s made by different fruit aromas and green banana from Indonesia. Pisang means banana in indonesian language and Ambon is the capital of Indonesian province, which was earlier Dutch colonial. The recipe of Pisang Ambon is influenced of old traditional indonesian liqueur. Price for 50cl bottle was 9.50€ (LivikoStore/Estonia

Nose is fruity, sweet, there is raw banana and a bit artificial shade. Mouthfeel is quite thick, but sugar level is quite moderate. Taste is very smooth, fruity, with light banana aroma. There is very small alcohol bite, aftertaste is sweet and fruity on the beginning, but turns a bit bitter on the end. It’s very easy drinking liqueur, not too sweet and there is nothing which disturb. Exotic fruits and banana is very good combo. There is not so many cocktails which use Pisang, but it suits very well with vodka and lemonade.


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