Remedia Plum Liqueur (18%)

Remedia is an Estonian company specialized to produce cheap alcohols and liqueurs to supermarkets. Plum Liqueur was just 3.29€ for a 50cl plastic bottle. Remedia liqueurs are mostly made from juices, sugar, rectified spirit, essences and colourings.

Aroma is a bit weird, it’s not plum but kind of fruity and definitely essences are used. Also colour is not what comes from plums, it’s way of too red for it. 

Taste is about the same as aroma, if you don’t see the bottle label, you can’t say it is a plum liqueur. It’s artificial, some berry and fruit notes and when you know what you are drinking, you can find some plum nuances. It’s not very sweet, the aftertaste turns a bit bitter. It’s one of the weakest liqueurs I have ever drunk, I definitely do not recommend buying it. 


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