Koskenkorva Passionfruit (21%)

The Finnish-Norwegian Anora’s Koskenkorva series has many kind of liqueurs. The most traditional are the Nordic berry-flavored blueberry and cranberry liqueurs and, for example, rhubarb-flavored shot. A rather exotic case is passion fruit-infused liqueur. In addition to passion fruit, the liqueur has been flavored with elderflower extracted oil. A 50 cl bottle cost €6.95.

In the glass, the liqueur is slightly cloudy, similar in color to thin orange juice. The nose is fresh and fruity. It reminds me of a Passoa liqueur, which was also made from passion fruit. The mouthfeel is not at all thick as might expect, and the drink is not very sweet. Some kind of combination of sour and sweet. In the taste, the fruitiness is not very strong, rather it has a slightly watery impression. Ethanol can also be felt quite clearly in the background. Liqueur is quite much what you can expect of a cheap Koskenkorva product. A mixture of juice, water, sugar and vodka. Elderflower oil may or may not be included. It’s more fruit juice and vodka which taste in the mix. Still not bad anyway, it’s okay to sip neat and it would certainly be even better with ice, which the manufacturer also recommends on their marketing page. However, it still has the impression of a simple juice + vodka mix, you could probably do the same thing yourself by buying juice from the store and mixing it with vodka. Passoa was way more interesting than this product. 


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