Bols Date (17%)

Liqueur made from dates? Why not, especially when it was a 50% discount in the store. The selection of the Dutch company Bols is huge and there’s plenty of different  liqueurs, not only made from different berries and fruits, but also versions flavored with different spices. At the same time, I bought a cardamom-flavored liqueur, which will be reviewed later. The dates used to make the liqueur have been shipped from the Republic of South Africa. In addition to dates, brown sugar and a little citric acid have been used in the production. A 50 cl bottle cost €6.50.

The sweet nose has aromas of dried fruits. If you didn’t know you were sniffing date liqueur, you wouldn’t necessarily associate the smell for dates. Instead of date, the aroma of fresh plum and brown sugar comes to mind. The taste is soft and sweet, but it doesn’t have so much sugar. The taste is quite subtle; it is not very strong but very pleasant. Caramel, brown sugar, dried fruit and a slight perfume note. There is a touch of dry bitterness in the aftertaste, perhaps through the added citric acid. Due to the suitable sugar content, the liqueur is nice to sip on its own and it goes well as a dessert after a meal. It works well also in cocktails at least with whiskey and brandy. With a couple of ice cubes in the glass, a splash of whiskey and date liqueur, and a tasty, suitably sweet and strong drink is quickly made. Although I do not eat dates practically ever and the flavor of dates is not very strong, Bols Date is nevertheless a pretty good product.


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