Liviko Plum Liqueur (21%)

Estonian alcohol company Liviko released two novelty drinks in 2023, both featured with a plum. In addition to plum vodka, Liviko’s liqueur series was completed with plum liqueur. In addition to plum, rectified spirit and sugar, the plum liqueur has been supplemented with a small amount of rum. A 50 cl bottle was on sale in a local store at a bargain price of €4.99.

The violet-colored liqueur pours quite smoothly into the glass. The nose has a smooth and full-bodied aroma of ripe plum. The taste is sweet, but not too sugary. The plum aroma is not as strong in the taste as in the smell. The taste of plum has an essence-like nuance. The taste does not remind me of pressed plum juice, nor of dried plums, but more of a “natural aroma”. The color is also not the color of juice squeezed from plums, but there are certainly aesthetic reasons for this. A cloudy brown liqueur would hardly attract buyers very much. Liviko’s plum liqueur is easy to sip, the taste is rather soft and pleasant and not too sweet. The liqueur is balanced and suitably strong, the ethanol does not stand out at all. If the mild essence in the taste and color of the liqueur does not bother you, Liviko Plum is a pretty good plum liqueur.


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