Black Iron Original Liqueur (35%)

Black Iron is made by AlcorDistillery, Estonian company which went to bankcrupcy allready at 2016. You can buy Black Iron only in AlcoShop store at Valka, Latvia, who have bouthg the existing stock of AlcorDistillery. It’s not possible anymore to find any infos how the liqueur is made. Apparently cinnamon, citron and vanilla are the main spices.
Purchace price for 50cl bottle 6.99€ (AlcoShop, Valka, Latvia)

Black Iron is rum based liqueur, where is used different fruits, spices and lots of sugar. Rum which is used here have some kind of nasty side taste, I bet it’s not the best quality rum in the market. There is not so much spices used, at least is not possible to separate any single herbs. Fruits have kind of overripe taste, so they do not bring any freshness. Ploom is main fruit, but it have also hints from citron peel. Overall the liqueur have some weird matured taste.
Lots of added sugar hide quite well the alcohol burn, but not the bitterness which usually is common for low price spirits. Compared to Vana Tallinn, which is also rum based herbal liqueur, Black Iron stays far behind. It just do not offer anything special or original. To drink neat it’s too sweet. Better to mix it with tea or coffee. Alltogether, you can try Black Iron once due to low price, but when the existing stock of the liqueur is sold out, I bet nobody will miss it.


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