Rae Palsam Herbal Liqueur (40%)

Rae Palsam is made by Apricot Oü, an Estonian alcohol company situated in Viljandi, southern-Estonia. Apricot was established in 2010 and has a large selection of spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks. Rae Palsam is made with different plant juices, herbs and root extracts. The price for 20 cl liter bottle is around 4.50€. 

Rae Palsam is very sweet, the mouthfeel is thick and syrupy. Due to lots of added sugar the herbs are mixed on the background and it’s not possible to specify any single herb. Cinnamon is strong on the nose anyway. Spiciness however makes the drink less sweet than you can expect for a thick mouthfeel. Short but strong alcohol kick also cut the sweetness, with less volume this for sure would be still more sweeter. I could assume there are not so many herbs or spices used. The palsam is too syrupy to drink neat, at least you need to have something hot beside. It’s better to enjoy it by adding it to coffee or tea. 


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