Žolynų “Miško Uoga” (Forest Berry Herbal Spirit) (35%)

Žolynų is a product serie manufactured by the Latvijas Balzams for the Lithuanian market. There are a variety of flavored and sweetened spirits in the series. In addition to various herbs and spices (including St. John’s wort, Melissa, birch tube, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom), dried blueberries, apple and raspberry juice have been used. Žolynų products are on sale at a very low price, a 20cl bottle in Lithuania cost only 2.99 €.

Compared to Žolynų herb liqueur, Misko Uaga is easier to drink and the sweetness does not disturb too much. It has just a good combination of wild berries and herbs. Although the herbiness is a bit behind, the sweet raspberry dominates. The taste is quite sharp and dry. In the aftertaste, the herbs get more room. At the end there are some bitter nuances. It is leaving a slightly immature impression, the taste would probably improve if allowed to be matured for a few months. The berry aromas feel natural, meaning essences and other artificial ones may not have been used.


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