Baileys Original Irish Cream (17%)

Baileys Irish Cream was founded in 1974. It was invented by Tom Jago after three years of product development. Baileys is produced by Gilbers of Ireland near Dublin. It is nowadays owned by Diageo.

Irish Cream is made of cream, spirit, sugar and spices (coconut and coffee extracts). Due to the producer there are no additives, but it still lasts a couple years when it’s stored in a cool and dark place. Baileys is the most sold cream liqueur in the world. The price of 50cl bottle was 10.99€ (Rimi)

The original Baileys is the king of cream liqueurs. Nose has cream and chocolate, the taste is full of cream and chocolate with a hint of coconut. It’s very well balanced, smooth and pleasantly sweet. I can’t find any whiskey taste here, but it looks there is only a splash of whiskey and the rest alcohol is something cheaper spirit. Very well done, suits nicely on it’s own, with ice cubes and also with several cocktails.


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