Xanté Coconut Cream & Pear (17%)

Xanté is a well-known pear-cognac liqueur. Xanté cream liqueur is now a new product to the same family owned by Finnish company Altia. Gluten-free spirits, coconut cream, pear juice or essence and sugar have been used. In terms of its ingredients, it is therefore both gluten-free and vegan.

The aroma is strongly coconut, with some sweet fruit in the background. The taste is sweet, with pear and coconut. The mouthfeel is soft but not as full-bodied as in other cream liqueurs. The aftertaste has mainly sweet coconut, it reminds of Malibu coconut rum. At the end comes a bit of a bitter nuance.

Xanté has the same problem as other vegan products. The texture may be roughly the same as with “regular” products, but the end result isn’t just as rich and full-bodied as it is in cream liqueurs made from cow’s milk. While drinking neat, Xanté Coconut Cream is just fine, not particularly delicious but not very bad either. However, I prefer to use it in cocktails.


You can get a good dessert drink by adding limoncello and full cream and shaking it on ice.

5 cl Xante Coconut Cream & Pear
2.5 cl Limoncello
2.5 cl whipped cream

Coconut and limoncello go really well together and the cream brings fullness and softness. Mellow and very tasty drink!

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