Xante Cognac & Pear (38%)

Xante is a cognac liqueur made by The Xante Company. It was invented in Sweden in 1994. Finnish company Altia bought the brand in 2012 and it is now a part of Anora Group. Xante is a blend of 4-years old cognac and pear juice. Not sugar or any artificial ingredients are added. 50cl bottle was 11.90€.

Nose is rich in ripe pears. Pear is so dominant it’s difficult to find other aromas. Mouthfeel is thick, even there shouldn’t be added sugar. Taste is rich and mellow. Lots of pears and some cognac spices on the background, oak, vanilla and cinnamon. There is some pepper on the aftertaste and it’s slightly bitter, which lures me to take another sip… As such, the taste is straightforward and narrow, but pear and cognac just mix very well together. Xante is nice on it’s own, but much better when added to ice cubes. It suits very well to different cocktails and I can see it would be very nice with sparkling wine. 


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  1. Anna

    Hi. I just bought a Xante in Sweden. Its alkohol is lowered to 35%, the label is changed to white text on black background, and with the add on text “Pear and cognac”. the thing is.. I used to love Xante. even got mad when ppl used it in drinks, when it was so good on the rocks. Now it taste like shit! WTF!!!! Do you know what happened?

    1. admin

      Hey, I don’t know what have happened, haven’t tried the new edition of Xante. Recently the trademark has been bought by Anora, so maybe they change the production and make the recipe for cheaper to produce & more profitable for them. This is unfortunately quite typical nowadays.

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