Koskenkorva Minttu (35%)

Original Minttu produced by Chymos is a classic and well-known drink in the slope cafes of ski resorts, where its marketing has been targeted. Koskenkorva also noticed the popularity of this peppermint schnapps and launched its own peppermint liqueur in the early 2000s. Koskenkorva Minttu is 35% aBV, so clearly weaker than the original Minttu (50%). There is 270g of sugar on it, which means that it is quite sweet. A 50 cl bottle costs €7.99.

In the nose, peppermint plays the main role, of course. However, the peppermint smell is quite pleasant, not too offensive in any way. The mouthfeel is thick, as you might expect from a sugar content of over 25%. The taste is fresh and pleasant. It has the same peppermint flavor as in toothpaste, sugar and a sharp but short bite of alcohol. The taste of the liqueur is very straightforward and clean. Koskenkorva Minttu is easy to sip neat or make a shot when you feel cold. It works especially well with hot cocoa. I’ve never tasted the original mint of Chymos (now Pernod-Ricard), so I’m not going to compare Koskenkorva’s version against it.


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