Braastad VSOP (40%)

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Braastad is a small family company with its own 40-hectare grape plantations, where it produces cognac from start to finish. Braastad, or actually Tiffon’s cognac house, was founded in 1875. The Braastad name was only adopted later, when the Norwegian Sverre Braastad came to work for the company and married the daughter of the Tiffon family. Today, the fifth generation continues the operation and manages a cognac warehouse of approximately 13,000 barrels. Braastad (as well as Revisieur) are surprisingly well-known and sold in nordic countries considering their small size, is it because of the cognac house’s Scandinavian roots? Braastad VSOP is made almost exclusively from grapes grown in the Fins Bois area. Distillates used for cognac are matured between 5-7 years. Braastad’s cognacs are priced slightly below the average level. A 35 cl bottle cost €15.99.

The color of Braastad is very typical for VSOP class cognacs, maybe a little darker than average. The nose is quite light, with dried fruit, fig and plum. Rather traditional and typical aroma. The taste is sharper and drier than many other VSOP class cognacs. It is closer to the young VS than its more grown-up older brother. There is hardly anything special about the taste. It has dates and prunes and a bit of pepperiness. A splash of water softens the taste and brings vanilla and milk chocolate, but also bitter oak aromas in the aftertaste. Braastad VSOP is a bit too sharp and dry to sip neat, a splash of water or a couple of ice cubes in the glass is needed. The taste is still not very enjoyable, so I prefer to use it in different cocktails. Braastad VSOP has more flavor than some still cheaper cognacs, but it is still a bit flat and bland.


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