Courvoisier VS Cognac (40%)

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Courvoisier is one of the four major cognac producers which have more than 90% market share in cognac sales. It was founded by Emile Courvoisier in 1835. Today, Courvoisier is owned by the American-Japanese alcohol giant Beam Suntory. Distillates produced mainly in the Fins Bois area have been used in Courvoisier VS. The taste has been supplemented with a smaller part of Petite Champagne’s production. VS is a blend of distillates aged for 3-7 years in French Limousin oak barrels. Courvoisier VS is priced in the cheaper part of four large cognac producers, a 35 cl bottle costing €13 in Estonia.

The aroma is fruity, floral and spicy, but quite light. Pear, caramel and vanilla, slightly woody aroma. The taste is also light and quite traditional. Slightly sweet in the beginning, but turns more spicy and bitter. The taste is sharp and young, alcohol burns quite heavily. The taste has roasted oak, floral, fruits and spices, black pepper, vanilla and nutmeg. The aftertaste is dry, rather bitter and spicy. Good thing with Courvoisier VS is that it clearly does not have very much added sugar. Courvoisier VS is not at its best for sipping neat, it literally screams a couple of ice cubes into the glass. It is better suited for cocktails where Courvoisier gives a nice fruity and spicy aroma.


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