Hennessy VSOP (40%)

Hennessy is the best-known cognac and, with over 40% market share, also by far the best-selling brand. It is sold all over the world and quite comprehensively available in Baltic grocery stores. It is not rare that, especially in smaller stores, only Hennessy products can be found on the cognac shelf. Founded in 1765, Hennessy has changed owners several times during its history. today it is owned by LVMH and Diageo. LVMH is known in the fashion world as Louis Vuitton. About 60 different distillates from almost all different cognac production areas have been mixed into Hennessy VSOP cognac. Each distillate is matured for at least 4 years, but some may have been in barrel for much longer. In terms of price, Hennessy VSOP is on the more expensive side among other cognacs in the same age level.  

Hennessy VSOP is slightly darker in color than the same manufacturer’s VS. The darkness is not necessarily due to a longer maturing time, because the color is always corrected with coloring, which has definitely been used in this product. The nose is not overpowering. It is quite delicate and tender. There is oak, vanilla, prunes and some spices. 

The mouthfeel is quite thick and the cognac is rather sweet. The sweetness brings smoothness and the drink flows quite smoothly from the mouth, without sharp ethanol bite. Sure, there is a slight alcohol burn, but Hennessy VSOP is clearly softer than several other products of the same age category. The taste is balanced, there is nothing special or anything else that you wouldn’t expect from the smell. Light spiciness, oak barrel aromas and grape fruit and raisin aroma. There is nothing floral and fresh fruity here. The aftertaste is sweet but not very long.

Hennessy VSOP is clearly a mass product and crowd pleaser. It is good quality and well balanced, but not very interesting and distinctive. It’s sweet and easy, so suits very well for a wide range of people. Hennessy VSOP is probably liked even by those who don’t usually enjoy brown spirits. Fine, easy to sip and fairly pleasant cognac. It is a good choice for the first step to the cognac world and is always a safe choice for a gift.


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