Surakas Rüübe Ginger & Mint Vodka (40%)

Surakas is a small Estonian handicraft distillery. They make a variety of flavored spirits, using rectified spirit distilled from organic grown rye. The herbs are first soaked in rectified spirit, then the distillery distills them again with its own equipment. All herbs used are also grown organically. Ginger and mint flavored vodka is their third product, it can be purchased from Tallinn at Kaubamaja and Stockmann’s alcohol department.

The slightly sweet aroma has a clear mint aroma. The taste has sweet mint in the beginning, then in the aftertaste comes a fiery burn of ginger. Herbs have been used extensively and rye taste disappears. The taste is surprisingly sweet, however, according to the manufacturer no sugar has been added to the product. Because of the mint sweetness, it’s not really suitable for a dinner table as a schnapp. Fiery ginger burn do not help this either. 

Liquor is a bit of an awkward, being sweet and fiery at the same time. There is very little burn in the unflavoured vodka of Rüübe, which is often a strong detail of a high quality vodka. Due to the burn of ginger there is not the same feeling. But not to mention this is not a high quality product, it’s very very well done. The liquor is better when chilled with the dessert, but at its best it is still in different mixed drinks. Mixed with soda water, the taste of the herbs are clearly felt, there is enough sweetness and the ginger burns nicely in the aftertaste.


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