Lithuanian Vodka Quince (40%)

Lithuanian alcohol company Stumbras has at least two different vodka brands; own Stumbras and Lithuanian Vodka. With this brand, the company releases various flavored vodkas. Quince is a fruit that grows widely in the Baltics and is called the “Lithuanian lemon” because of its sour and bitter taste. Flavored vodka is made from quince juice, water, rectified spirit and a small amount of sugar. A 20cl bottle cost €3.29 in Lithuania.

The nose has a fruity and sour aroma. The aroma is a bit strange, slightly reminiscent of lemon or melon, but still different. The taste is sweet and fruity at the beginning, until the sharp bite of the alcohol kicks in. Taste has a little acidity and it tastes a bit like lemon vodka. However, quince has its own unique aroma and if you didn’t know what you´re drinking, it would take a long time to guess what the hell it is made of. The sharp taste is a mixture of ethanol’s bite and acidity, although the small addition of sugar softens the taste a bit. However, the taste is not very sweet at all. By diluting with water, the taste remains the same and the sour-sweet fruity aroma starts to feel pretty good. Lithuanian quince vodka is a bit too sharp to sip neat, but it does give a nice, original note to mixed drinks.


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