Põhjaka Sea-Buckthorn Schnapps 26%

Põhjaka is a manor in center-Estonia, which in addition to manor complex have a very famous restaurant. Now they have opened also a small craft distillery, where they do different spirit drinks using local berries. Sea-buckthorn schnapps is made of sea-buckthorns, rye spirit, sugar and groundwater. The producer tells that around half of the price of the bottle is due to sea-buckthorns, which the company buys all around the Estonia. Bottled on 50cl at 26% alcohol by volume, price was 16.99€ at Selver. 

Bottle looks nice and as a small producer I had high hopes of a quality product. But… where is the buckthorn? There is not aroma of it on nose or taste. I have done buckthorn liqueur in my home and I know it have a distinct, strong sour flavour. But here, I feel only some weird matured honey like aroma with some brown sugar sweetness. It’s drinkable but not very pleasant and definitely a disappoinment as a sea-buckthorn product. I really hope other Põhjaka products are better than this one.


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