Nemiroff Birch (40%)

Nemiroff is one of the most famous Ukrainian vodka brands. The vodka producer from the city of Nemyriv has invested a lot in exports and has grown into one of the world’s top 10 vodka brands. Birch leaves have been one of the vodka flavoring in Eastern Europe for centuries. Nemiroff released its own birch leaf-flavored vodka in 2005. It has grown so popular that today it is also produced by a few other distilleries. In addition to birch buds, a small amount of linden flowers have also been used. A 50 cl bottle of Nemiroff birch vodka costs around €9 in Estonia.

In addition to the typical ethanol scent, the nose also has a slightly citrusy aroma. Birch leaf is not the first thing that comes to mind, but when you know that it is used, the image of the aroma does turn to that. Compared to regular vodka, the taste is more fresh. The slightly citrusy, birch leaf-leaning note is very light, but somewhat recognizable. A splash of water in the glass strengthens the aroma and adds a little sweetness. Nemiroff Birch is a subtle flavored vodka and the producer have been a bit too careful with the flavoring. When the birch leaves have been used, it should be clearly felt in the taste and also carry over to the cocktails. But it’s still pretty good and Nemiroff Birch is also rather easy to sip neat. 


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