Bajorų Degtine Ir Slyvos (Plum Spirit) (32%)

Bajorų and plenty of other vodka brands are produced Vilniaus Degtine, which is together with Stumbras the biggest alcohol producers in Lithuania. In addition to vodkas, Vilniaus Degtine produces a wide selection of different flavoured spirits and liqueurs. Slyvos (plum) is one of the Bajorų series product. It is made with natural plum flavour and diluted to 32% alcohol to volume, to have an optimal strength to drink it neat. A 10cl bottle costs 1.39€ at Norfa XL grocery store.

The aroma is sweet and fruity. The taste is soft and sweet, but not very sugary. It tastes just like plum juice and rectified spirit has been mixed together. The manufacturer does not say whether the sweetness comes from the plums themselves or if added sugar is also present. Anyway it is definitely not too sweet. Alcohol feels quite sharp in the end, but the bite is still very short. Like in many other flavored spirits, it appears that the rectified spirits used here are not of the highest quality, or at least not filtered in any way. In Lithuanian vodkas, there is usually not such a sharp bite. The aftertaste is quite sweet and has slightly plum bitterness. 

Bajorų plum spirit is very easy to sip neat. It’s just sweet enough that the bite of alcohol doesn’t start to bother you. 32% strength is also suitable here. Continued with soda water, it gives you a really good drink, and you don’t need to add anything other than ice cubes. Bajorų plum spirit is a good basic product, sold in supermarkets cheaply. The taste isn’t any deep and matured, but the price is low and the taste is good. Even though it does not offer anything new, I can easily recommend it. 


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