Louis VX Spirit Drink (30%)

Louis VX is kind of brandy based spirit drink made by Liviko. It’s made to compete an equivalent product of Aramis, which is one of the most sold brandy based spirit drinks in Estonia. There is nothing info available how this drink is made, but I assume it is brandy mixed with vodka and some spices and sugar. Liviko claim it have been matured for years in small limousine barrels, but it’s not so credible due to very low selling price.

There is really nothing going on in the nose, just a hint of vanilla. Taste is very light, close to neutral, some sweet cheap brandy but there are certain amount of vodka added so all the aromas are diluted away. Taste and burn are both very smooth and light, really nothing leaves on the aftertaste except bit of sweet vanilla flavour. This product gives you nothing else than alcohol to get wasted. It’s mostly sold to hip flask size bottles so it’s easy to take with you when going to nightlife and you want to drink something when waiting on queue and going inside. Only good thing for this product is that everybody can drink it neat without grimace on the face.


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