Moskovskaya Infusion Horseradish & Honey (32%)

Moskovskaya is an old Russian vodka brand that is currently made for the European market in Latvia by Latvijas Balzam. However, they apparently import the rectified spirit from a factory in Russia, Moscow. In addition to various vodkas and flavoured vodkas, the company also produces various flavored spirit drinks under the name Moskovskaya. Them, however, cannot be called vodka due to their low alcohol content. One of these is the horseradish and honey flavored version. Horseradish is one of the traditional Russian spices used especially with meat dishes. To balance its strong taste, honey has been used, which is also commonly used to flavor and soften vodka. A 50 cl bottle of that spirit drink costs 5 € in Estonia.

The smell has a light and soft root and vegetal aroma. It is somewhat like wasabi, which has also been made from horseradish. The taste is very fragrant, the light and soft aroma of horseradish is predominant. Honey gives a slight sweetness, but practically not any taste. The aroma of horseradish is quite light, it could be clearly stronger. Due to the low alcohol content, the burn of vodka is hardly felt at all. The general feeling is quite watery and lean. The aftertaste remains a spicy and somewhat rootish, slightly stale aroma.

Moskovskaya Horseradish & Honey is not a very tasty product, the taste of horseradish could be stronger and honey more featured. The strength of the alcohol could also be higher; this kind of 32% watered version has apparently been chosen to make the product available in stores at the lowest possible price.

Horseradish flavoured vodka is produced by several other smaller and larger producers in the Baltic market. At least based on Moskovskaya, the taste doesn’t become my favorite. I rather use it as traditionally maded spice with meat and I enjoy the vodka pure.


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