Moskovskaya Silver Vodka (40%)

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Moskovskaya is one of the oldest Russian vodka brands. Even the name says, it’s not produced anymore in Russia, but in Latvia by Latvijas Balzams. Moskovskaya Silver is a special edition vodka with six times distillation and silver filtration process. There the rectified alcohol and water solution is mixed with powdered silver-impregnated activated birchwood coal, followed by filtration through quartz sand and cloth filters to remove the impurities. 50cl bottle was 7.49€ at Maxima.

Aroma is exactly the same as with original Moskovskaya, but the taste is smoother and more mellow. Mouthfeel is creamy and very pleasant. Burn is very light and aftertaste velvety, but has slight bitter nuances. There are not any grainy nuances anymore, they have disappeared through the filtration process. Moskovskaya Silver can be recommended if you prefer neutral and smooth vodka instead of slight grainy aromas and roughness. The price on the supermarkets is usually the same as with original Moskovskaya. 


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