Żubrówka Biała Vodka (40%)

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Żubrówka Biała is a non-flavoured version of the famous Polish brand Żubrówka, better known for their Bison Grass vodka. Biała ~ meaning white on polish language, is made from rye, distilled six times and filtered through platinum filter. It’s produced in Poland at Polmos Bialystok Distillery. It is owned now by SEDC, the biggest vodka producer in Poland. Żubrówka is among the top5 most sold vodkas in the world and it is on sale in more than 80 countries. The price of Biała is average, I found it discounted to 6.99€/50 cl so it’s not the cheapest one but not the level of premium vodkas. 

Nose is slightly pungent and there is a hint of grain aroma. Taste is neutral, slightly sweet. There are some aromas of grain and a hint of peppery rye. It’s a bit crisp like rye vodkas usually, but the burn is not very sharp. Aftertaste is clean and a bit grainy and sweet, but not bitter at all. Żubrówka Biała is clean and neutral, has nothing offensive and really nothing to complain about. I hope the rye grain aroma should be a bit stronger, now it is so faint that it is difficult to separate other grain vodkas. 


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