Vergi Vodka (40%)

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Vergi Vodka is made by Koch LLC. It was used to be product of Altia, but Koch bought the trademark at 2012. Nowadays Vergi is a flagship and root brand of Koch. There are also gin, rum, beer and long drink with same name. Koch do not produce rectified spirit so they import it, from at least Germany, Russia and Belarus. Due to producer Vergi has been silver filtered many times. Vergi name comes from small village in Northern-Estonia. 100cl bottle costs 11.99€ at CityAlko.

Nose is neutral, there is only a hint of ethanol type of solvent. Taste is bit sweet, but not very sugary, could be it comes from wheat it’s likely been made. Anyway taste is neutral so there is not any grain aroma left. Burn is mild, aftertaste have some bitterness which is typical for cheap vodkas. Despite the silver filtering, there are still some impurities noticeable. Vergi is cheap, neutral economy vodka. Due to lack of aroma it’s too boring to sip neat so it’s only for mixings. 


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