Walk Premium Vodka (40%)

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Walk is a small craft distillery in the city of Valka, Latvia. The name comes from the old city name Walk, which was shared between Latvia and Estonia after the 1st World War to Valga and Valka. The distillery has a nice selection of different flavoured spirits. Walk Premium Vodka is their base product. Vodka is made from the rectified spirit the company makes itself, by using sugar, water and yeast.  The price of a 50cl bottle was around 8€ in Latvia. 

I do not know which kind of distillation the company has, but there is a minimum nuance of sugar wash on the taste. It’s not as neutral as most wheat vodkas. But anyway, the tiny sugar wine flavour is just pleasant and it reminds a bit of neutral white rum. So it’s very smooth vodka with a minimal burn. 

Actually the vodka is very well done. It’s not the cheapest vodka in the alcohol store, but as a craft distillery product it is still reasonably priced. The tiny sugar beet taste is quite unique so I rate this higher than standard neutral wheat vodkas which the market is full of. 


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