Perepelka Domashnyaya Vodka (40%)

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Perepelka vodka was developed by the Ukrainian state-owned distillery National Vodka Company. The company was privatized in 2002 and quickly acquired by the Bayadera Group. Bayadera is reorganizing and modernizing the distillery and in 20 years it has grown into the third largest distillery in Eastern Europe. The characteristic of Perepelka vodka is the use of quail eggs in the purification of vodka. Quail egg protein contains a protein that is an effective natural adsorbent, a substance that easily accumulates another substance on its surface. Bayadera uses the quail eggs as significant market value in the label and also in the design of the bottle.

In addition to the Classic Perepelka vodka, there are also a few variations with a little different nuance. Domashnyaya (home) is made in the same way as traditional Perepelka vodka, but oatmeal has also been added. So vodka is purified with quail eggs and filtered by activated carbon, but oatmeal is promised to make it even more softer and to give a slightly oaty aroma. Domashnyaya is the same price as the traditional Perepelka, costing about 7 euros in a 50 cl bottle in Estonia.

The smell is very basic for a vodka made from wheat, i.e. almost neutral, but has a faint grainy aroma. The taste has a bit of sweetness, a slight graininess, but otherwise it is clean and neutral. There are no savors and the aftertaste is not so dry and blistering as in the cheapest vodkas on the market. The burn of ethanol is medium-sharp and rather long. The difference to Perepelka Classic is very small, Domashnyaya is a little sweeter and a little smoother. However, no oats or other different aromas can be found in it. When the price is both the same in the store, it is practically the same from which bottle you grab from the shelf. Despite the use of quail eggs and oatmeal, Perepelka Domashnyaya does not offer anything special.  


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  1. Dino Bonacci

    Where can I purchase перепілка vodka? I brought some back from Ukraine and it is fantastic

    1. admin

      You can find it at least in all Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithiania).

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