Finlandia Vodka (40%)

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Finlandia is only premium class vodka from Finland. It is 5th most sold on vodka in that class and owned by Brown-Forman. It was invented in 1970 in Finland and produced in Koskenkorva and Rajamäki until then. Even though it is owned by a USA company, it’s produced in Finland and the producer Altia have the exclusive production rights at least until 2025. The unique bottle was made earlier in Finland but its production was moved to Estonia in 2009. The premium class on this vodka does not show on the price, at least in Estonia its price is about the same as with Koskenkorva. 50cl bottle was 8.99€. 

It has a bit of sweet, fresh, pure, grainy and smooth taste. Burn is mild, aftertaste is smooth and short. The taste is almost identical with Koskenkorva, but it’s a bit more smooth and clear. Like Finlandia is more filtered or processed to get a more pure result. Anyway the nice grainy taste is still there and the difference for Koskenkorva is just a minor. I’m not sure if I could separate the two for each other on blind test. Pure, smooth and grainy vodka. 


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