Perepelka Klassicheskaya Vodka (40%)

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The Ukrainian Bayadera Group is Ukraine’s largest alcohol producer and one of the country’s largest taxpayers. They have Khlebny Dar, the best-selling Ukrainian vodka and also in the top 5 worldwide, several other brands of vodka and other alcohols. Perepelka is one of about ten Bayadera vodka brands. The use of quail eggs in the production of vodka is unique for it. Egg white is also used by several other manufacturers to filter out spirits. Quail eggs are not known to be used by any other industrial producer in the world. Quail egg white is said to soften the taste and also taste a little in vodka. The design of the bottle is also inspired by a quail egg. Perepelka Classic vodka is on sale in Estonia at least in the Maxima food stores, where a 50cl bottle costs about € 7.

The aroma is traditionally grainy, wheatish, slightly ethanolic. The taste is dry, soft, slightly grainy, but still very neutral, as vodkas made from wheat usually are. The burn is quite light, with no savours other than the fairly typical ethanol aroma . The aftertaste leaves itself with a pleasant, light-grainy aroma. The aroma of a quail egg, for sure, is not recognizable, whether its use is more of a marketing junk and a way to separate from other vodka brands. Perepelka Classic is a fairly good low-cost basic vodka, pretty smooth and has a wheat aroma in a slightly ethanolic taste. A bottle that mimics a quail’s egg is fun in itself, but it’s a little tricky to use, especially opening a very small cap. A suitable wheat vodka in a fun bottle.


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