Medoff Royal Vodka 40%

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Medoff is a product of Ukrainian Beverage Trading Company. BTC is a leading alcohol producer in Ukraine, owning plenty of vodka brands. Medoff Royal speciality is it’s “honey rain” purification system, where it uses honey micro-particles as a natural filtration. Medoff Royal is made from wheat, mountain spring water and a small quantity of natural royal jelly to have a delicate aroma. 50cl bottle bought from Maxima at 6.49€.

The aroma is traditional and a bit harsh, with a little florality on the background. The taste is neutral, as can be expected from wheat vodka. It has a bit of honey sweetness and a soft, floral aroma. The burn is light, there is a bit of sharpness in the aftertaste. It’s not the softest vodka, even with the honey blossoms sweetness on the taste. Queen jelly gives a slight original seasoning. Compared to the original Medoff, the Royal version has no grain taste, but there are more other flavours. It is a good basic vodka with a light and fresh hue.


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