Stön Vodka (40%)

Stön (Stone) vodka is produced by Remedia Distillery in Estonia. It’s their premium-class vodka, a little more expensive than the base vodkas, but still at a pretty reasonable level, 8-9 € for a half-liter bottle. Stön is made from wheat and distilled in Latvia. Remedia has diluted it in specially treated water and bottled it at its own factory in the municipality of Kuusalu.

The aroma is typical for wheat vodka, the alcohol feels a bit like a pungent burn. The taste is slightly sweet and grainy. However, the burn is surprisingly strong and can be also felt for a long time in the aftertaste. The sharp taste is a bit surprising in a premium product like this, one would assume a clearly softer taste. The sharpness is felt even in a drink mixed with soda water, where the grainy sweetish taste is also clearly distinguished. The taste itself is good, clean and nicely grainy, but the sharp burn lowers the enjoyment. The vodka is not filtered too much, the good side is the grainy taste, but the sharpness is the kind you rarely see in vodka in this price range. Stön can be recommended mainly for mixed drinks, for which it is quite suitable due to its grainy and strong taste.


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