Medoff Original Vodka (40%)

Medoff is a product of Ukrainian Beverage Trading Company. BTC is a leading alcohol producer in Ukraine, owning plenty of vodka brands. It belongs among the top 5 biggest vodka producers in the world, having 10% market share of all the exported vodkas from Ukraine and Russia. 

Medoff speciality is it’s “honey rain” purification system, where is used honey micro-particles as a natural filtration. Medoff Original is made by wheat and it uses honey wax and silver filtration to make the vodka as clean and pure as possible. 50cl bottle was 6.49€ at Maxima.

It’s very neutral, not any ethanol on nose. Taste is neutral, clean, have a hint of sweetness and grain aroma. Burn is very mild, just from the heat can notice you are drinking vodka. Mouthfeel is soft and creamy. Aftertaste is rather dry and there is something which stays on the tongue. It’s not bitter, but something else which is hard to describe and it’s slightly unpleasant. Anyway, very clean, pure and well done vodka. There is some nuances of wheat and just a bit of honeyed sweetness which makes it very soft and smooth. 


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