Nemiroff Original (40%)

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Nemiroff comes from the small town of Nemyriv in central Ukraine. Vodka bottling started in Nemyriv already in 1872, although the factory mainly supplied only the courts of the Russian tsar. However, the actual Nemiroff brand and the factory that manufactures it were founded in 1999. So talk of 150-year-old history is just a typical marketing story. The same thing is perhaps also the story about 11 times filtering. The rectified spirit used in this vodka is mainly distilled from wheat. According to the manufacturer, the Nemiroff Original is lightly flavored with cumin and honey.

Today, Nemiroff is sold in 72 countries. Due to the war in Ukraine, Nemiroff has gained quite a lot of new customers throughout Europe, mainly to replace Russian vodka brands. A 50 cl bottle of Nemiroff Original costs around €10 in Estonia.

The nose is light and neutral, a little bit of ethanol vapors pops out. Quite neutral aroma and typical for wheat vodka. There is not any grain aroma in the taste. It’s rather sweet initially, which makes it pretty smooth at least in the first sips. In the aftertaste, there is a rather sharp and mouth-drying bitterness. The sweetness may come from honey, but I don’t find cumin or other aromas. With a small addition of water, the sweetness only got more focused, but no other aroma pops out. Nemiroff Original is a rather sweet and quite typical neutral wheat vodka. Not bad but not particularly memorable either. Pretty basic. 


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