Saaremaa Vodka (40%)

Saaremaa is product of Finnish company Altia. It’s distilled in Koskenkorva, made from barley. Diluted in Estonia for ground water pumped from 130 meters. Diluted and bottled in Tabasalu, Estonia. Saaremaa is the second best known vodka in Estonia.  

It’s neutral vodka, with hints of grain flavours. Nose have some solvent ethanol flavour, which is quite typical of Altia products. Very little sugar to soften the taste, but however it is dryish, burn is mild, nothing special on aftertaste. It looks it’s not so much filtered than Koskenkorva or Finlandia. Nevertheless I would hope the barley taste more there. On the label reads that it is distilled at 250 times. Anyway, it have pretty much the same taste than Koskenkorva, but maybe the water used for dilution is not so pure and soft, so it makes Saaremaa vodka more harsh. Anyway, not bad, it’s easy drinking neutral vodka, good option for mixings. 


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