Valge Viin (40%)

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Valge Viin (Vodka) is produced by Liviko, the oldest and biggest alcohol producer in Estonia. It nowadays has approx 30% market share. Valge Viin together with Liviko’s best selling vodka Laua Viin are both made from imported rectified spirit (made by wheat) and produced in the USA. Diluted to ground water pumped from a 130m depth well. A 50cl bottle price can be as low as 4.99€. Valge Viin together with Laua Viin are the cheapest vodkas from Liviko and available all around Estonia.

Valge Viin is very neutral, pure, dry vodka with minimal burn. Aftertaste has some bitterness which is typical for cheap vodkas. It’s as neutral as wheat vodka can be, when filtered many times and diluted to specially treated ground water. What it lacks is character, it’s just pure industrial ethanol without any hint of grain where it’s made. It’s rather boring when sipped or shooted, for cocktails it gives some kick but no taste.


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