Laua Viin (40%)

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Laua Viin (Vodka) is most sold spirit in Estonia, due to sales listings of several chain food stores. It’s distilled in USA, made by wheat, transported to Tallinn where Liviko dilute and bottle it. It’s one of the cheapest vodkas in Estonia, price for 50cl bottle was 5.69€ at Maxima. 

It’s typical Estonian product. Neutral and a bit sweet, no grain aroma just a hint of ethanol flavour. Burn is semi-mild, aftertaste have hint of bitterness but it do not grow unpleasant. It’s very basic, mass produced neutral vodka which do not have anything original to offer. Much same like than other products on same price level like Vergi. It’s too boring on it’s own but as a basic mixer vodka it is suitable for sure. 


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