Koskenkorva Vodka (40%)

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Koskenkorva has for decades been the most selling alcohol in Finland. Not about its taste, but because it’s state owned producer had a monopoly of alcohol manufacturing in Finland for over 40 years. Actually when I was young, Koskenkorva was a synonym of vodka, I hardly knew there are also other vodkas available. In the 90’s the monopoly collapsed and there are now also many other vodka producers in Finland. Koskenkorva is made from barley, distilled on a huge continuously working column distilling facility in small Koskenkorva village at western-Finland. It’s very well available in Baltic states, due to its producer Altia having subsidiaries in every Baltic states. The same rectified spirit the Koskenkorva factory produces has been used in many other vodkas, like Saaremaa and Arsenitch in Estonia. 50cl bottle was 8.99€. 

Aroma is neutral, has some nuances of grain and a bit of solvent ethanol. Taste is sweet, has a decent grain aroma, it’s smooth and elegant. Burn is quite mild, and aftertaste is sweet and smooth, and has a nice barley aroma. There is certainly more grain aroma than most of the wheat vodkas have. Very nice and high quality vodka, good value on it’s price. 


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