Johan Freitag Vodka (40%)

Johan Freitag vodka is made by Latvian brewery Cesu Alus, which is owned by Finnish brewery Olvi. Cesu Alus is not a distillery, so they import the rectified spirit somewhere from Europe and just dilute and bottle it. Johan Freitag is marketed as “scandinavian tradition and northern crispness and purity”. 50cl bottle was 6.49€ at CityAlko.

Nose is neutral and pure with just a hint of ethanol. Taste is sweet, smooth and neutral, there is not any taste of grain. Burn is light, aftertaste neutral, but there is some sneaking bitterness on it. John Freitag is typical neutral vodka likely made from wheat, there is not any taste or something which arouse interest. It’s sweeter than many other, pure, clean but without any character. Not bad but very standard. 


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