Pshenichnaya Vodka (40%)

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There are plenty of different vodkas under the name of Pshenichnaya. Originally it is made in Russia and also now Russian company Alkon is producing it. But there are vodkas with the same name also in Latvian, Estonian and a few other countries. This bottle I have is from Remedia in Estonia. There is no any infos about this product, but I suppose it is made by Russian rectified spirit made by Alkon and bottled in Estonia by Remedia. Also Latvijas Balzams have it on catalogue, so it is possiblealso the raw spirit comes from there. Anyway, it is sold at a very cheap price, even 4.99€ for a 50cl bottle (in Latvia), the Estonian version is slightly more expensive. 

It’s quite typical wheat vodka, neutral with just a hint of grain aroma. Taste is sweet, I suppose the maximum allowed amount of sugar or glucose syrup has been added. It’s very smooth with minimal burn, no side tastes, just a small nuance of peppermint or something like that. Due to sweetness it is easy to sip. So, it’s neutral wheat vodka with really no aromas, very sweet, recommendable if you prefer those aspects of a spirit you like to buy. I prefer more grain taste to give a higher score for a vodka. 


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