Nemiroff Delikat (40%)

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Nemiroff is a well-known Ukrainian vodka and has been featured several times on this blog. Delikat is 100% wheat base vodka. It has been distilled 9 times and a touch of ginger has been added at the end of the production to give it a spicy note. Nowadays Delikat  is in stores less often, at least in Estonia, and it has largely been replaced by Original and DeLuxe brands. The sample 10 cl bottle cost €1.95.

In addition to the fresh ethanol nose, a slightly spicy note emerges. The taste is rather soft and sweet. The mouthfeel is thicker than Absolut, which I used as a reference product. Ginger is not easily recognizable on the taste, but there is something slightly spicy and crisp. The sweetness would indicate that the vodka has been softened with sugar or other additives. Vodka is very smooth, so the “extra smooth vodka” on the label of the bottle is not just a marketing talk. Due to its slightly piquant and spicy taste, Delikat is very suitable for various drinks, for example with fruit juices. Delikat is a pretty nice product and due to its softness, it’s easy to take a shot or two. However, the various additives mixed into vodka suspect me a bit, so I prefer to stick to more cleaner vodkas.


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