Poolik Ehe Viin (40%)

Poolik Viin is a private label vodka of food store chain Maxima. Poolik is produced in Lithuania, probably by Stumbras, and it is sell only in Maxima stores in Estonia. It’s always cheapest vodka in Maxima and it’s been sold huge quantities every day. 50cl bottle price was 5.69€. 

It’s neutral household vodka, which have hint of ethanol on aroma and taste, but nothing which disturb. Slight sweetness hide the unpleasant factors if there is any. Burn is mild and aftertaste neutral, there isn’t anything which pops up. No taste of grain or from anywhere it is made from. It’s one of the cheapest vodkas in Estonia, but not the worst one. The cheap looking bottle and simple label obscure the fact that it’s better than it looks and beats many more fancy looking bottles on the shelfs.


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