Nemiroff Premium De Luxe (40%)

Nemiroff’s premium class vodka is packaged in a classier bottle. The content itself has also gone through a special post-processing for a cleaner end result. Vodka is made from triple-distilled rectified spirit and has gone through a 10-stage filtration process after distillation. After this, it was still brightened with the factory’s own special treatment, which principle remained unclear to me. In any case, it should be a fairly pure Ukrainian vodka made from wheat. Nemiroff Premium is 1-2 euros more expensive than Nemiroff Original, although the price is still quite decent at €9.90/50 cl. The bottle in the picture was bought several years ago, today the same spirit is packaged in a different bottle.

In the glass, the vodka is really clear and the smell is clean, only a faint whiff of ethanol is felt. The taste has a citrus, floral aroma. Clearly, some aroma has been added in the process. The taste starts out soft and sweet, but after there is a rather sharp bite, which is only emphasized by the light sour citrus flavor. Nemiroff Premium is not so soft as the name and the slightly more expensive price suggest. The citrus note is a bit original and covers the light grainy aroma traditionally present in vodkas. The aftertaste leaves a light citrus and floral note. Nemiroff Premium is a rather original spirit. I expected smooth and pure vodka, but the sharpness and clear citrus note really surprised.


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